Current Notes...

Great Comission United

This is an ongoing Teaching and Ministerial Project based around a Chaplaincy Progamme within Michigan, U.S.A., The project is developing Branch Ministries in the U.K., and Africa. This Series based on Old / New Testament Theology helps provide individual understanding of Spiritual Project Management, Spiritual Clarity and Personal Spiritual Development. In addition to developing your place and role in God's Personal Plan for the individual.

The Book of Ezekiel

This Overview of the Scriptural text relating to the Old Testament Book of Ezekiel was researched for use in a series of meetings which discussed the life and background of the Prophet Ezekiel within his Cultural time frame as outlined within the Old Testament. The Breakdown of text used here was accompanied by a series of notes used to develop a pattern of historical flowing throughout the actual text of the Scripture.

An Overview of the Old Testament

This time line of Old Testament text was based within the Old Testament Book of Nehemiah and developed to accompany a series in relaation to God's Project manager. The information was designed to try to outline the various situations in which the people of Israel found themselves as they travelled the Journey which would eventually lead Jesus Christ to the Cross of Calvery.

The Gospel of John

This text was developed initially to work alongside the Letter of 1st John. The text can be used in several ways, either as individual research message on a paticualar section of the text or as a series of teachings on the Book as a whole. The original series was intended for use within a lecture setting for those who were serious about their individual faith and bible study. The skills developed within the series were to B.A. / M.A. research level and were intended to build academic skill sets within a church setting.

The Letter to the Hebrews

This Breakdown was used in a study consisting of several parts and was developed for meetings within the Great Commission United Chaplaincy Program in Michigan U.S.A. The text was also used in a series of house meetings / messages developing the theme of managing the project that God has birthed within you. The Project entitled 'God's Project manager', presently consists of - God's Project Manager, Developing God's project, Managing God's Project, Building God's Project and Moving within God's Project.

The First Letter of John

This letter, when understood alongside the Gospel of John (and other related texts of the New / Old Testament scriptures) is important to scriptural study and individual faith. The topic of doctrinal attitude to error found within this letter has major implications for the church today. Much text within this letter can also be identified within the Gospel of John; the harmonisation of the letter and Gospel provide a clear picture of the disciples stance in relation to error within the corporate body of faith.

90 Statements relating to Who We are in Christ Jesus

These statements which are in the main self explanatory relate to our individual perception of life in Christ Jesus which when fully understood have major implications for the church today. Each of the statements which are taken from the New Testament can be used as an individual message or teaching and are still under personal development for a series of ongoing teachings

Historical Projects...


I first came into contact with Pastor Muzzam in Norwich at a 'Missions Conference' under the auspices of the "International Gospel Outreach" of which I am an Ordained Minister. As a result of our meeting Pastor Muzzam graciously provided an invitation for me to visit his home and speak at several churches in the Karachi area. On arrival in Karachi, Pakistan what struck me most was the immense 'size of the city.

I soon came to understand the method and lifestyle of those who were to care for me during my short stay It was clear from the outset that I really needed to give specific attention to the specific word which was to be the focus of the next few days. During my stay I was taken to several districts in Karachi. From Dastgir to Taiser, Jinnah, Zia in addition to speaking four times during the Seminar which was held over a two day period.


I First met Kampta Karan in 2003 at the University of Birmingham, England. Kampta, a fellow student, was living at the Lutheran Campus in Selly Oak and studying for his Doctorate in Conflict and Racial Resolution. Kampta was an avid writer in the field of poetry attending writers meetings in Sparkbrook, Birmingham at the Assemblies of the First Born Church on Alfred Street. I met Kampta, just as he was about to undertake an exchange visit to Frankfurt in Germany, where he was involved in a road traffic incident and suffered a broken leg. This resulted in the priveledge of looking after him.

In 2007 I eventually travelled to the West Bank of The Demerara River, Guyana, several miles from capital of Georgetown. It was during this time that I finally heard of his vision for Jesus and met with his wife "Dolly" who ran a market stall in Georgetown and his daughter "Kavita". Kampta, was a very humble man who always believed that Jesus was the answer to life's many problems.

Christian Biblical Scriptures

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.  For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.  He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

John 3:16-18 KJV

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Thomas Klimt

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Moyra Freeman